Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd


Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Design software by SCADA Systems Ltd.

Elecdes is the award winning design software for Electrical Engineering drawing creation, data and design analysis. Elecdes is a collection of design tools to improve your productivity. Elecdes is a true multi-user, multi-referencing, multi-editing, project and database driven designer. Elecdes can check and cross reference against all drawings defined in a project whilst separate editing sessions are in progress. The performance limits are defined by the system workstations in place and the number of licensed Elecdes packages in use.

Getting Started

Preparing to use Elecdes

A Guide to Creating an Electrical Drawing

How To

Insert symbols

Draw 2D General Arrangements

Draw conductors for a circuit

Add GLANDS and INSULATION information to the cables in single line diagrams

Add and remove termination blocks and pick wire order (CONX)

Automatic Drawing Functions

Schematic Editing

View a list of related components

Create a device with a custom terminal layout

Create an Assembly, a sub-circuit that you can later insert

Represent multi-tiered terminals in drawings

Insert a border or title block

Draw a dashed box

Construct a database table on a drawing

Cross-reference coils, contacts and other symbols

Mark a drawing as a Single Line Diagram

Make a new catalog file

Edit a catalog file

Change configurable preferences for Elecdes

Configure the naming of components

Edit a prototype drawing for Protogen

Create a wiring diagram or terminal strip

Run Ebase, the Project and Reporting module

Add the current drawing to the current project

Open the current project’s “<prj> EDS Reports.mdb” database


Elecdes Menus

Elecdes Symbols

Elecdes Drawing Types

Elecdes Drawing Functions

Elecdes coil and contact Cross Referencing

Contents of an Elecdes drawing

Creating a new drawing file

Drawing Standards

Recommended Directory Structures

Project Set-up

FelixCAD information for AutoCAD familiar users