Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd


Welcome to Paneldes. We think that the features of our package will greatly enhance your electrical design productivity by significantly reducing the time required for everyday Panel and Raceway documentation and production. Paneldes database and analysis tools will substantially reduce material, cable and wire quantity estimating time [cost] while increasing accuracy of estimates.

Getting Started...

A Guide to Using Paneldes to

Construct a panel model

Construct a plant model

Construct a general arrangement quote

Construct a general arrangement drawing

How To

Build a Model

Model editing

Break a large model into smaller models

Query components on your drawing

Generate a bill of materials (BOM)

Global Edit components on your drawing

Reload an edited bill of materials database

Insert 3D blocks

Check and view interference between components

General arrangements

Wire and cable routing

Import a database onto the drawing

Zoom all viewports to fit the model

Set the snap size for all viewports

Create or edit a catalog file

Configure the naming of components


Paneldes menus

AutoCAD 3D introduction

Model and paper space

Co-ordinate systems.

Polyface meshes and 3D polylines

Viewing, hiding and shading

Plotting and dimensioning

Paneldes classes

Component attributes

Panel types

Conductor Bar types

Accessory types

Component dimensions

Power numbers for raceway, cables and wires

Cable filling factor for raceway, cables and wires

Weight filling factor for raceway, cables and wires

Keeping power separated raceway on different layers

Panel construction discussion

Enclosures and mounting plates

Panel ducting

Plant construction discussion

Component location discussion


Duct and raceway route preparation


Placing Paneldes components

Wire and Cable Routing