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Dynamic Blocks

Some Elecdes functions support the use of AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks. Ebase also supports dynamic blocks.

For more information on the capabilities of dynamic blocks, see the Autodesk website.

Elecdes functions that require Dynamic Blocks

The following Elecdes functions require dynamic blocks, and can only be used with AutoCAD 2007 and newer. We recommend projects using these functions use a drawing file format of at least 2007.

All 2D blocks supplied with EDS for use with these functions will be dynamic blocks.

Using Attributes correctly in Dynamic Blocks

The main Dynamic Block capability that Elecdes functions use are block Visibility States. Using attributes in blocks with multiple visibility states can cause undefined behaviour if not used correctly.

The following points describe the behaviour of attributes on dynamic blocks with multiple visibility states:

  • Attributes must be locked (by setting the Lock Position property of the attribute to Yes) in order to react to changes in visibility state.

  • Unlocked attributes on the first visibility state will be shown in all visibility states.

  • Unlocked attributes on any other visibility states will not be shown, irrespective of the selected visibility state.

  • Attributes with the same name must not exist on different visibility states - behaviour is undefined. In general, attributes with the same name should be avoided.

All EDS supplied dynamic blocks will use unlocked attributes on the first visibility state.

In summary: If you are dealing with an attribute in a dynamic block with multiple visibility states:

  • If you want all visibility states to show the attribute, use an unlocked attribute on the first visibility state. Default Elecdes attributes must use this.

  • If you want only one visibility state to show the attribute, use an locked attribute on that one visibility state, and ensure its name is unique.

Restrictions when using Dynamic Blocks in Elecdes drawings

Changes in the graphics of the dynamic block from visibility states, stretch or move parameters cannot change the position at which conductor lines will join the symbol, as these positions are pre-defined by the BUSW code and LENGTH attributes of the block. This applies to device and terminal symbols and to conductor extension markers.