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Wiring Diagrams


A wiring diagram for a device [or group of devices] or terminal strip diagram for discrete terminals shows the entire device or terminal strip terminals and the wires and cable cores (conductors) connected to each terminal.

Wiring diagrams and terminal strip diagrams may be automatically generated for the devices and terminal strips found on your Elecdes electrical schematics and instrument loops. The Wiring Diagram Generator function is run from the Elecdes Menu.

Getting Started

Preparing to create wiring diagrams

Start the Wiring Diagram Generator

A Guide to Using the Wiring Diagram Generator to

Create wiring diagrams for devices

Create terminal strip diagrams

Main Wiring Diagram Dialog

Select a project

Select devices and terminal strips

Rotate and mirror wiring diagrams

Change wire orientation

Use a template to layout a wiring diagram for a device

Set preferences for wiring diagrams

Terminal Strip Editor Dialog

Generate the wiring diagram

How To

Refresh existing wiring diagrams

Audit existing wiring diagrams

Include Devices in a Strip

Represent an earth bar

Generate terminal strips from a database

Arrange wiring diagrams in a referenced grid

Add connections to diagrams for external equipment

Use placeholders to pre-arrange a wiring diagram

Reduce wiring diagrams to placeholders: WDP


Sources of information for device, terminal and conductor lists.

Regenerating an Edited Terminal Strip