Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Elecdes Drawing Functions

This section describes the functions provided with Elecdes to assist creation of electrical drawings.

Schematic 3 Phase

3 Phase Circuit Autodraw

3 Phase Star Point

Schematic Ladder

Ladder Construction

Transformer Circuit: 3 Phase to Ladder

Transformer Circuit: Ladder to Ladder

PLC I/O Card Construction

Push Button Start-Stop Circuit

Instrument Loop

Instrument Loop Autodraw

Wire and Cable Numbering

Automatic Wire Marker Insertion

Automatic Wire Connect Dot Insertion

Polyline Cable Function

Wiring Diagrams and Terminal Strips

Wiring Diagram Generator


Dashed Box

Insert a border.

About Elecdes Drawing Functions

The Autodraw functions may be thought of as custom MACROS that construct sections of circuits from several line segments and several symbols.

Autodraw functions save time by drawing, sizing, positioning and breaking line segments, without removing your control of the overall sizes and positions.

All Autodraw circuits, once constructed, may be considered as simply a collection of lines and Elecdes symbols. i.e. they may be treated identically to circuits constructed by manual methods (drawing conductor lines then inserting symbols onto them).

Once circuits are constructed, any standard commands provided by the CAD package (e.g. STRETCH, COPY, DDATTE, and ATTXEDIT) and a number of Elecdes commands (UPDATE, EBASE...) can be used to alter the appearance and data of the circuit.