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How to Add Wire Labels to the Ends of Conductors


By default the wirename, or cable and corename, can be considered the FERRULE (wire label) of a wire termination however these names will NOT be placed in the FERRULE_A or FERRULE_B fields of connection reports. These columns are reserved for the wire labels explicitly created in the termination blocks as described below.

Ebase provides an IEC ferrule / wire label report with several different default options of wire labelling for each termination. This in many cases will remove the need to use ferrule / wire label markers.

A wire label or ferrule can be specified for each termination of a conductor. The label is entered into the FERRULE attribute of a termination block. The contents of the FERRULE attribute from the termination block will be copied to the FERRULE_A (or _B) field of connection reports for each termination.

Specifying a Wire Label or Ferrule with Termination Blocks

Termination blocks are special control symbols that are placed at each termination of a conductor.

There are two blocks: HSCONX.DWG and VSCONX.DWG for horizontal and vertical conductor orientation.

Termination blocks should be edited in the Global Editor.

  1. Run the Global Editor.

  2. Select the class TERMINATION.

  3. The main list in the Global Editor will show an entry for each wire or cable core (conductor) termination. This is unlike other classes, which only show entries for symbols present in the drawings.

  4. Ensure that Auto-insert Termination Blocks is ticked. When the drawings are updated, a termination block will be inserted at the point where each conductor terminates at a component. One block for each entry in the list.

  5. The wire label for each termination can be specified by entering the text into the FERRULE column of each termination of the wire.

  6. When the conductor reports are generated, the information specified by the FERRULE attribute of the termination blocks will be copied to the FERRULE_A and FERRULE_B fields of the conductor reports.

Ferrule blocks (hffer.dwg / vffer.dwg) from previous versions of EDS

EDS will read and maintain the ferrule / wire label from the older ferrule blocks, hffer.dwg and vffer.dwg. The contents of the FERRULE attribute will be loaded into the FERRULE column in the Global Editor. These blocks are treated as if they were new termination blocks with a single ferrule attribute.

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The two termination blocks, HSCONX.DWG and VSCONX.DWG, contain other attributes. In total the termination blocks can provide wire termination order, wire labels and crimp specification.

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