Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd


Elecdes provides a large symbol library for use in constructing your electrical drawings.

The symbols provided adhere to certain Drawing Standards.

Elecdes symbols are created as AutoCAD blocks.

Symbol file names must conform to the Elecdes symbol naming conventions.

Symbols are used for the following purposes:

  • To represent electrical components.

  • For tagging conductors.

  • For general reference purposes.

  • For control and display of cross-referencing.

  • For indicating connectivity of conductors.

  • For Wiring Diagrams.

  • To represent pneumatic and hydraulic components.

User Symbols

An Elecdes drawing may contain any number of Elecdes symbols and any number of non-Elecdes "User" symbols. If the "user" symbols have been constructed to conform to one of the standard Elecdes symbol types, they will be treated as an Elecdes symbol during reporting and analysis. If not, they will be ignored by Elecdes reporting and analysis functions.

You can create new "user" symbols and also modify existing Elecdes symbol appearances.

Refer to Symbol Modification.

Types of Elecdes symbols

Symbol types are classified by their distinct sets of attributes and by symbol file naming rules.

e.g. If a particular symbol has the pre-defined set of attributes of an Elecdes wire marker AND the first two characters of its file/block name are 'hw' or 'vw', then Elecdes will treat it as a wire marker during analysis, editing and insertion.

Elecdes classification of symbol type is necessary to allow Elecdes programs to deal with AutoCAD blocks as generic types. i.e. an object that conforms to a set of rules which Elecdes understands. This allows you to create and modify custom symbols that will be Elecdes compatible, with minimum restriction, while retaining the full functionality of Elecdes.

Each type of symbol is located in a dedicated Elecdes directory. We have grouped the manual sections in this way. For more detail on any type of symbol select the desired symbol type below.