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How to Use a Template to Layout a Wiring Diagram for a Device

Wiring diagrams for devices are constructed in a number of formats depending on where the terminal information for the device is obtained. Generally the terminal layout generated by the wiring diagram will be sufficient for most devices, so you can generate most wiring diagrams without defining extra information. The various sources for the terminal information are described in Sources of Information for Wiring Diagrams in the reference section of this manual.

If you require a special terminal layout or graphical appearance for a device, you can use a wiring diagram template. When the wiring diagram is constructed, the template is inserted into the drawing and the attributes of the symbols inside it are updated to hold the information from the device.

NOTE: You should only use templates for wiring diagrams when you need a layout that cannot be produced by a standard constructed wiring diagram. Generally the standard device terminal layout or the MTD terminal layout should be sufficient for most devices.

Simple superimposed graphical symbol alternative

If you require only additional graphics over the standard wiring diagram then the Wiring Diagram Generator can superimpose a simple graphical symbol without requiring the creation of a wiring diagram template.

For more information see Superimpose an Optional Symbol on a Terminal.

Drawing and linking wiring diagram templates

The details about drawing a wiring diagram template and linking it to a device can be found in the section Templates for Wiring Diagrams.

In summary:

  • A wiring diagram template is created using the same tool that creates Multi-Terminal Device symbols.

  • The file name of the template is specified for a device in the WD_TPLT column of its catalog record.

Choosing a wiring diagram template

Once the template is created and specified in the WD_TPLT column of the catalog, it will be used automatically when the wiring diagram is generated.

If a device has a wiring diagram template then the filename of that template will be displayed in the device list on the Main dialog under the Template column.

Multiple templates

The WD_TPLT column in the catalog can specify multiple templates separated by semicolons if a device can be represented by one of a number of different templates. Multiple templates can be used to show the device terminals in different arrangements or orientations, or to divide a single large device into multiple diagrams that will be drawn on separate drawings.

Wirediag will attempt to choose the template with the most "similarity" between the filename of the template and the filename of the schematic symbol. You can choose the specific template that you require.


  1. Change to the Main dialog of the Wiring Diagram Generator.

  2. Highlight one or more devices that you want to change the choice of template.

  3. Click the [Choose Template] button

  4. Pick a single template from a list of templates specified in the catalog for the selected device(s).

Note about device terminal catalogs

Using a terminal layout from a wiring diagram template is similar to using device terminal catalog files (CatX), except a template is arranged in a graphical editor and is stored as a drawing file. Terminal layouts in the device terminal catalogs are arranged by editing terminal positions in database columns and are stored in database files. They cannot contain extra graphical information.