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Route List


To direct cable pulling / wire placement and for further analysis of optimisation, Paneldes provides a detailed route list for all of the routes in which it has placed conductors.

File information

  • Paneldes route lists are DBASE 3 compatible database files.

  • The files will be named "YourElecdesProjectNameWIREROUTE.DBF" and "YourElecdesProjectCABLEROUTE.DBF" for wires and cable respectively.

  • The route databases will be generated automatically in your Elecdes project directory.

  • One of each type of route database only will be allowed per project.

  • The width of the file (number of fields) is defined by the largest number of segments in any route plus nine.

  • Warnings will inform you if this route has had conductors placed in it that could be re-routed in a more optimal way after model tuning.

Segment List

We will assume that X is the number of segments in any route.

The SEGMENT list, i.e. fields EL_0 ... EL_X, is a pulling path for a route.

In some instances your route segments may be split by the route optimisation function. This is done to simulate junctions in otherwise continuous runs of raceway. Where this occurs a route segment will be renamed. By default, a hash and a suffix will be placed after the original tag name of the segment to compose its sub-segments.

e.g. segment R0001 may be split to segments R0001#1 and R0001#2

You may change the "#" to another symbol. See How to Configure the Wire and Cable Routing Settings.


Your raceway segment names may have a suffix: (BKF), (BKS), (BKP), (BKV), or (BKR).

If this is the case, then a useable route has not been found.

Paneldes is indicating that any raceway segments with such a suffix may be bottleneck problems, or impassable restrictions, in your raceway network.

When the "Join Disconnected Networks" option is set in routing preferences, raceway on 2 different networks can join on a bottleneck pass via a "bridging connection". This assists with problem diagnosis on bottlenecked conductors.

Highlighting Routing Problems: Bottlenecks

Route Naming

Routes are now named after the cable that caused their creation. This is to allow for easy route recognition.

A cable C125 will have an auto route created with the name C125_AUTOROUTE.

Viewing / Editing

How to view wire and cable reports

File structure

REPORT implies a field is analysis data.

Field Width Usage Description
DRAWING 54   The filename of the model on which the route is drawn (without .dwg extension).
COND_TYPE 15   Cable or Wire route.
ROUTE 25 REPORT Route tagname.
FROM 25 REPORT The segment of raceway at the start of the route.
TO 25 REPORT The segment of raceway at the end of the route.
EST_LEN 10 REPORT Calculated length of the route.
MINBNDRAD 10 REPORT Minimum bend radius found on this route.
POWER 10 REPORT The power index value for the route.
EL_(X) 25 REPORT The tagnames of the segments of raceway that make up the route, in order.
DETAILS 30 REPORT Warning messages.

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