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Paneldes Menu


Menus can be accessed from the PANELDES PULL DOWN MENU area of AutoCAD or with the right mouse button.

Help on Paneldes



Utilities and BOM

Routing: Wire and Cable

General Arrangement

Xref Management

Edit and Reload Naming

Switch to Model Space

Switch to Paper Space

Zoom to Extents for all viewports


Paneldes Workspace

When run on AutoCAD 2007 and later, Paneldes will create a workspace when first started. The initial configuration of menu visibility, toolbars and ribbon for Paneldes will be saved into this workspace. If you make changes to your AutoCAD screen layout and cannot find how to retreive a menu or toolbar, you can restore the initial configuration by reloading the Paneldes workspace. You can make changes to your AutoCAD screen layout and update the Paneldes workspace by saving the layout to it.