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How to Query a Viewed Wire or Cable and its Route


Paneldes allows you to query a conductor and the segments of its route once you have viewed its route.


  1. Ensure that you have viewed the route for all conductors that you want to query.

  2. Select Query Conductor from the Routing: Wire and Cable menu.

  3. Pick the viewed route line of the conductor that you want to query.

    If a single conductor selection cannot be determined clearly, Paneldes will ask you to select the required conductor from a list.

  4. Paneldes will display a window with the details from either the wire report or the cable report.

  5. Click the Display Route button to initiate the Component Query dialog, pre-loaded with the route segments of the route and the terminating panels or devices.

  6. The segment fill information from the raceway cross section report can be inspected in the DETAILS attribute.

  7. Raceway segments may have a suffix added to the name and to the DETAILS attribute: (BKF), (BKS), (BKP), (BKV), (BKN) or (BKR). These segments are highlighted bottlenecks. If you have any such suffix, refer to the topic Highlighting Routing Problems: Bottlenecks.

    When the "Join Disconnected Networks" option is set in routing preferences, raceway on 2 different networks can join on a bottleneck pass via a "bridging connection". This assists with problem diagnosis on bottlenecked conductors.

  8. When displaying a pre-loaded "route query" you cannot add or remove components from the query list.

  9. Click the OK button from the component query dialog to return to the conductor query window.

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