Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Draw a PLC I/O Card

See PLC Wizard for a description of IO Card generation functionality.


  1. Click the Construct IO Card button on the Elecdes Drawing Macros toolbar or menu. Or enter IOCARD in the AutoCAD command window.

    The PLC Wizard menu will be shown:

  2. If you need to create or edit a PLC IO Card, use one of the following buttons:

    • Clicking Create a new PLC card configuration will start the PLC Wizard with a new IO card.

    • Clicking Edit an existing PLC card configuration will prompt you to select an existing PLC configuration file (DBF) for editing, and open it in the PLC Wizard.

  3. Click Draw a configured PLC card configuration to construct a configured IO card in the Elecdes drawing. You will be prompted for an existing PLC configuration file (DBF).