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How to Omit Items from the Cross-Reference


The Ebase cross-reference function creates references between all related components. There may be components that you do not want to be included in this referencing.

You have the option to hide individual references to components using the function Hide Selected Cross-Reference Data in Elecdes. References hidden in this way do not show their reference information on the schematic drawing but they still appear in the cross-reference report.

With the following procedure you can instead mark a particular component or subcomponent such that it will be entirely omitted from the cross-referencing: both from the drawing and from the cross-reference report. This option can be specified on a per component basis or globally for that type of component in the catalog.

Procedure for individual components

  1. Add an attribute named "RSTATUS" (Report status) to the symbol (block) that represents the component or subcomponent in the schematic drawing.

  2. Add a field named "RSTATUS" to the template_$DEVIC.dbf, template_$TERM.dbf, template_$CABLE.dbf or template_$WIRE.dbf as appropriate for the type of symbol. These templates are in the RTEMPLATE directory of the Elecdes installation. See also How to Customise the Format of the Image Database Files (Global Editor).

    This will allow the attribute added to the block in the step above to be filled in when the block is inserted. It will also allow that attribute to be modified in the Global Editor.

  3. Set the RSTATUS attribute in the symbol to the value "No XREF". You can do this when the symbol is inserted or using the Global Editor.

  4. Regenerate the cross-reference report and update the cross-reference annotation on the drawings.

    The component will now be omitted from the cross-reference report and no references will appear to or from the component.

  5. In Paneldes it is possible to use the AUX2: field to provide an RSTATUS control code instead of adding an attribute. Simply add the text "RSTATUS:NO XREF" to the AUX2 field of a Paneldes component to remove the component from the XREF lists.

Procedure for a type of component

  1. Add column named "RSTATUS" (Report status) to the catalog file that contains the specification for the component type that you wish to omit from the cross-reference.

  2. In the catalog record for component type, enter the value "No XREF" into the RSTATUS column.

  3. Regenerate the cross-reference report and update the cross-reference annotation on the drawings.

    Any instance of this type of component inserted into the project will be omitted from the cross-reference report and will not receive cross-reference annotation.

Combined values

If you need to combine two or more RSTATUS values then separate the values with a comma, e.g. "No XREF, No BOM".