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How to Use a Sheet Number Instead of a Drawing Name


If you wish to include a configurable sheet number in your reference text rather than the name of the drawing you can use an attribute in the title block or startref block to define the sheet number.

This option for referencing is mutually exclusive to the option for continuous row or column referencing. Both options require their own value in the startref or title block.

If using a title block the block name needs to match the title block pattern configured in Setup.

If one or more drawings in the project do not have a statref symbol inserted, a warning is generated stating: "One or more sheets has not been named with a STARTREF.DWG block, ELECDES will use the DWG file name for referencing. A '*' will be used to indicate that a file name has been used in the reference text".

The warning will also list the drawing names that do not have a startref block.


  1. Insert a startref block or title block to the drawing.

    • For a startref block set the attribute to the desired number for the sheet.

    • For a title block set the SHEETNAME attribute to the desired number for the sheet.

  2. Add the "sheet number block" or "sheet number block if off drawing" item to the reference text. See Configuring the Reference Text.