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How to route a cable similarly to another Cable ("Home run")

For any cable you can specify that it will be routed "as close as possible" to the same route as another cable. We call this a "home run" guide as its segments (trays) include the whole desired route. When you execute this function Cable Scheduler will make an exact copy of the COMPLETE raceway group from that other cable to a new PARTIAL raceway group for the cable you are working on.

This will cause every segment of the existing route to be used as a waypoint for the new cable. The waypoints are all OPTIONAL. This implies that the router will try to use the same route as the original cable however if a problem exists (e.g. filling) it will deviate from the old route until the problem is cleared. After the problem is cleared it will return to the original route.

After a new PARTIAL raceway group is created, Cable Scheduler will run the auto router to complete and check the route and calculate fills and lengths and issue any warnings created by the operation.


  1. Right click on the cables that are to be guided.

  2. Select Route with the Home Run of another cable... from the context menu.

  3. Select the desired cable

The auto router will now run to complete the route, check the route and calculate the cable's length and then the database will be updated.

See Also

The copy "homerun" function is one of three cable route "copy" functions. You can also copy a cables guide (the waypoints used for another cable) to produce a similar route OR you can copy a cables route "exactly".

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