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Routing Cables with Cable Scheduler

Cable Scheduler offers multiple methods for routing cables. This includes the Paneldes Auto-router (optionally utilising waypoints), as well as manually created routes, and copying or reusing existing routes.

Typically, for cable routing with a model (tray and routes imported from Paneldes), Raceway Groups (routes) will have a one-to-one relationship with cables (one cable per route). With modelless cable routing, where raceway groups (routes) must be created manually, it may be more convenient to use a single raceway group (route) for multiple cables (a one-to-many relationship, which Cable Scheduler also supports).

Cable Routing Methods


Invokes the Paneldes auto-router, which will find the shortest appropriate route for the cable, taking into account waypoints.

Used for modelled cable routing.

Assign manual route

Forces cables to follow the specified manual route.

Used for modelless cable routing, or for modelled cable routing where auto-routing is not suitable.

Copy route of another cable

Copies the route of an existing cable, assigns the selected cable to the copy of the route, and locks the route to prevent further auto-routing.

Route with the "Home Run" of another cable

Copies the route of an existing cable, and uses the route segments as optional waypoints for the selected cable, which the auto-router will attempt to follow.

The above options are available from the Cable context menu, as shown below.

Cable Status

Depending on whether a cable is routed or not, and whether it has been marked as issued or pulled, a different icon will be shown in the Cable Scheduler interface (tree view and list view among other places):

Unrouted cable (but may have waypoints assigned).
Auto-routed cable (assigned to an auto-route).
Locked cable (assigned to either a locked auto-route, or a manual route).
Locked cable that has been issued to site.
Locked cable that has been issued to site, and marked as pulled on site.
Unroutable cable.

Cable Context Menu

Guiding and Routing functions for Cables are accessible from the context menu of a cable (either in the tree, or in a list view).

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