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How to Change the Attribute Order During Symbol Insertion

Symbol Attribute Order

When inserting symbols in Elecdes the Elecdes Component Dialog has a list of attributes of the symbol being inserted on the right hand side of the dialog. The order of this list is controlled by the order of the fields in the template_$* files contained in the <EDS>\RTEMPLATE directory. There is a template file for each type of Elecdes component as shown in the table below.

Template FileComponent Type
template_$DEVIC.dbfDevice Symbols
template_$INSTR.dbfInstrument Symbols
template_$TERM.dbfTerminal Symbols
template_$WIRE.dbfWire Symbols
template_$CABLE.dbfCable Symbols
template_$ETABLE.dbfExtra parts table blocks

Example Procedure for Device Symbols

  1. Choose Database Editor from the EDS program group

  2. Open the file <EDS>\RTEMPLATE\template_$DEVIC.dbf

  3. Modify the field order of the database file to match the desired order of the attributes.

  4. Save the database

  5. Exit Database Editor

See also

Modify attributes in existing symbols

Re-ordering the fields also affects the field order inside Global Editor.

For more information see How to Customise the Format of the Image Database Files.