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How to Rotate and Mirror Wiring Diagrams

Physical dimensions and terminal layout are used for creating the wiring diagram whenever they are available in the Elecdes catalogs. You may find it necessary to rotate certain devices and / or change the conductor line orientation to best represent these physical sizes in the wiring diagram.

The rotation or mirroring may relate to how the device is mounted in the panel. For example, mirroring the terminal layout of a device could reflect viewing a device from the rear.

Wiring diagram templates for devices can be rotated.

Device and Wire Orientation Controls


  1. Change to the Main dialog of the Wiring Diagram Generator.

  2. Highlight one or more devices or terminal strips that you want to rotate or mirror.

  3. To rotate devices, click the [Rotate] button to change the device orientation from 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The rotation will be indicated in the device list in the Rotation & Mirror column.

    NOTE: The wire orientation will be changed automatically according to the device rotation. Changing to 90 and 270 degree rotation will automatically change to vertical wires. If this automatic choice of wire orientation is inappropriate for your diagram you can change the wire orientation manually.

  4. To mirror the terminal layout, click the [Mirror] button to swap the terminals and conductors from one side to the other. The mirrored entries in the device list will have the text "Mirror" in the Rotation & Mirror column.

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