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Getting Started...

Protogen is a tool used to create many modular or similar drawings, from a database and a set of template drawings. The templates and database are defined by you, the user, allowing almost unlimited flexibility.

Before using Protogen you must ensure that the following situation exists.

  • You must have more than 4 or 5 drawings to create.

  • You have the ability to create AutoCAD DWG formatted files. This is necessary to create the template diagrams used with Protogen.

  • The drawings that you wish to create should contain enough repetition to justify the extra (Protogen required) engineering to automate their production.

When you are satisfied that you are ready, please read the section

A guide to using Protogen.

After familiarizing yourself with the Protogen guide, you should do the sample exercise to assist learning.

A simple Protogen exercise.