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SegToPanelConnections.txt Diagnostic Data

You can enable a logging option so that Paneldes will create a text file listing the names of the route segments that are considered to be connected to each device or panel for each wire or cable route.

Paneldes will create a text file with the name <project>SegToPanelConnections.txt.

A section of this file would appear as follows:

Cablename: 'C101'

    Pass: Initial, Main trace

    Power 0

    Cablefactor 1.00

    Weight 0.0560

    3 connections to panel/device 'CRPF1'.

        'TRAY102x' on network 47 at distance 0.8016m with power '0', cablefactor 40.00 and weight factor 1.2960.

        'TRAY001' on network 47 at distance 1.5307m with power '0', cablefactor 4.00 and weight factor 0.1800.

        'TRAY217#1' on network 1 at distance 1.5761m with power '4', cablefactor 4.0 and weight factor 0.1800.

    1 connections to panel/device 'FP1'.

        'TRAY103' on network 47 at distance 0.6486m with power '0', cablefactor 0.00 and weight factor 0.0000.

The first line specifies the name of the cable.

The second line specifies which routing pass the section applies to. There are at least two preliminary passes and one main pass for each route. There may be more passes if bottleneck passes are enabled.

The third to fifth lines specify the power, cable factor and weight of the cable.

The following lines list the route segment connections that are considered valid or useable to the device or panel at each end of the cable. For each segment the distance between the segment and the device or panel, the power value for the segment, the cable factor and the weight factor of the segment are listed.

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