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Drumming Reports


Paneldes can generate drumming reports which can inform you of the number of drums of conductor you will need for your model and from which drum to obtain each conductor.

File information

  • Paneldes drumming lists are DBASE 3 compatible database files.

  • The files will be named "YourElecdesProjectNameWIREDRUM.DBF" and "YourElecdesProjectCABLEDRUM.DBF" for wires and cable respectively.

  • The drumming databases will be generated automatically in your Elecdes project directory.

  • One of each type of drumming database only will be allowed per project.

Viewing / Editing

How to view wire and cable reports

File Structure

The data base file structure is the same for both wires and cables.

DRUM25The unique identifier for the drum. e.g. Drum01.
MANUF25The manufacturer of the conductor.
CATNO50Catalog number of the conductor.
TYPE15The type of conductor.
RATING20The conductor rating.
DRUMSIZE15The length of conductor on the drum.
SPLICE_TO25Link to next conductor drum when a cable or wire is longer than the drum length.
WASTAGE15Wastage for the drum.
COND(X)25Name of conductor and length that has been allocated to the drum.

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