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Keeping power separated raceway on different layers

Paneldes can place raceway in a layer determined by the power number for the raceway.

As a simple example, raceway for instrument cabling can be placed automatically on a different layer with a different colour from raceway for power cabling. This will help clarify the purpose of raceway in the model and help identify errors.

Configuring Power Layers

Raceway can be placed automatically in an appropriate layer, determined by the power number for the raceway. To accomplish this; raceway layers need to be associated with power numbers within the LAYER.DBF file.

In the layer.dbf file there is a POWER column. For each layer in the file, the value placed in this column specifies the power number to be associated with it. Each layer that is associated with a power number can have a LAYERTYPE of either ROUTE or CONST. These values define that the layer will be used for route segments and envelope construction respectively.

For example, a entry in the layer.dbf file might specify a LAYERTYPE of ROUTE and POWER of 50. This means the layer defined by the entry will be used for drawing the raceway segments with a power number of 50.

The power number of a layer does not include the 'point' value of a power number. Accordingly raceways having a point power number will be drawn on the layer assigned the whole number part of the power number. For example a layer of power number 4 will contain raceway of power numbers 4.1, 4.2 etc.

Viewed cables

If you enable the option Use power-based colours then the power-layer entries in layer.dbf can also each specify the colour to draw the viewed cables.

Repairing Power Layer Raceway Placement

If the layer to power number associations are modified, existing power layers on a model will not automatically reflect the changes. When modifications are made to the layer.dbf file existing power layers can be repaired by selecting "Fix power layering" from the Paneldes Construction menu. Performing this operation will cause all existing raceway segments on the model to be moved into the correct layer according to power number.

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