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How to Tune Your Model for Wire and Cable Routing


When you have completed the first draft of your model, you should check that you have run the correct raceway to the correct components.


  1. You need to check that your conductor list "fits" the raceway model.

  2. You should run the conductor routing functions to analyse your model.

  3. The conductor optimisation will inform you of raceway, which is:

    • Missing (Conductors cannot reach their destinations - i.e. no route reported).

    • Not required (Raceway segments which have no conductors i.e. 0% fill).

    • Too small to carry it's assigned conductors. (Raceway segments which are greater than 100% fill).

    • Inefficiently large for the conductors assigned. (Raceway segments which have less than 20% fill).

    • Raceway which has incorrect power settings causing the above problems.

  4. Once you have collated the information from cable optimisation, tune your model i.e.

    • Add missing raceway.

    • Delete redundant raceway.

    • Resize inefficiently large and insufficiently small raceway.

    • Correct power settings of conductors and raceway segments.

  5. You may use the Global Editor to modify your specifications and construction (to suit the optimisation results).

  6. This process may be repeated until the conductor optimisation programs produce optimal results.

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