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How to Force the First Connection for a Route

Select Connection Tray

You can dictate exactly which raceway length segment will be the first connection from a selected device or panel. If your design requires that a specific connection, which does not fit the Paneldes rules, is to be made from a device or panel, you can use this function, Select Connection Tray, to ensure the correct connection is made.

NOTE: Forcing Paneldes to connect a device or panel to a particular raceway length segment is not intended for forcing connections over large distances, where there would normally be raceway that you will not be including in your model. For this purpose Paneldes provides field routing.

It is however possible to use this function to force a connection that is outside the specified distance for connecting devices and panels to raceway.


  1. Select the Select Connection Tray entry from the Routing: Wire and Cable menu.

  2. Select the device or panel for which you wish to set the connection.

    You can select more than one device or panel if all of the selected devices or panels will connect to the same raceway length segment.

  3. Press [Enter] to accept your selection.

  4. Select one or more raceway length segments to which the device(s) or panel(s) should be connected.

  5. You should select only straight raceway length segments. They can be tray, conduit, ducting or trench.

    Do not select other raceway shapes: corners, risers, reducers, T-sections or X-sections.

    If you will be routing cables with different power values from this device, you may need to select more than one length segment where each is the start of the raceway with the correct power value.

  6. Press [Enter] to finish the procedure.

  7. Paneldes will set the AUX3 attribute in each of the selected device(s) or panel(s) to contain the text: "CONTRAY:" followed by a comma separated list of the names of the raceway length segments. For example: "CONTRAY: TRAY8, COND11, COND12".

You can also enter or edit the text in the AUX3 attribute of devices and panels manually using the Global Editor. The text in the AUX3 attribute is all that is required to save a forced connection to a raceway length segment.

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