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How to Check the Raceway Connections in your Model

Raceway Integrity Checker

Paneldes provides a tool to make a report on the integrity of your raceway network. This tool checks the connections between raceway segments in your model based on the current route optimisation connection settings.

You should attempt to modify your model or route optimisation settings to minimise the number of errors generated by this function. When the number of errors is reduced to a minimum, your route optimisation should work successfully.

The analysis of your model will not include any trench segments that contain conduits.


If you need further information about the routing process that has occured, to assist in diagnosing issues that you have observed, Paneldes optionally provides the diagnostic output data files: RLIST.TXT and SegToPanelConnections.txt. These files can tell you how Paneldes connected trays together for routing and other details.


  1. Select the Check Raceway Integrity entry from the Routing: Wire and Cable menu.

  2. Choose to check the integrity for either Wire or Cable routing settings.

  3. Paneldes will extract information, and then check the connections between the raceway segments.

  4. After analysis, Paneldes will write its findings to a route error report file (described below) and open that report to show you the results.


Segment is unterminated at one end

This error message means that the segment has at least one end that is not connected to either another raceway segment of any type or to a device or panel.

This may be because the power value was incompatible with another raceway segment to which it was intended to connect. It may also be because this raceway segment terminates too far away from the other item to which it was intended to connect.

Wire or cable routing could become blocked at this point because of a failure to connect two raceway networks.

This error uses only the _A columns of the report.

Connection between conduits with substantially different cablefactor

Two conduits are connected together, but their cable filling factor values are different by more than 10% of the largest cable factor on either conduit. It is generally expected that runs of connected conduit will be composed of conduit pieces of a similar size.

Wire or cable routing could become blocked at this point because of a failure to provide sufficient cable carrying capacity through this junction.

The details of the second conduit are shown in the _B columns of the report.

Segments are very small

A segment has been found that is so small that it is not of use to the cable/wire routing system and it will probably be ignored as conductors will jump past it. You should remove these segments as they will slow your processing down and possibly create errors.

File information

  • Paneldes route integrity reports are DBASE 3 compatible database files.

  • The file will be named "<project>WireRouteErrors.dbf" and "<project>CableRouteErrors.dbf" for wire and cable routes respectively.

    For example, if your Elecdes project is called "Plant1.prj" then the cable route integrity report will be named "Plant1CableRouteErrors.dbf".

  • The database files will be generated automatically in your Elecdes project directory.


The report will be displayed immediately after it is generated. The report can also be opened again at a later stage from Cable Manager, see How to view wire and cable reports.

File structure

The data base file structure is the same for both wires and cables.

CLASS_A10The CLASS of the first raceway segment.
TAGNAME_A26The tagname of the first raceway segment.
CABFACTR_A15The cable factor of the first raceway segment.
POWER_A10The power number of the first raceway segment.
CLASS_B10The CLASS of the second raceway segment, if any.
TAGNAME_B26The tagname of the second raceway segment, if any.
CABFACTR_B15The cable factor of the second raceway segment, if any.
POWER_B10The power number of the second raceway segment, if any.
ERROR255The error or warning about the first raceway segment.

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