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How to Change Class Layer Assignment


Paneldes allows you to assign a construction layer to any Paneldes LAYER CLASS. A Paneldes layer class is a group of related Paneldes classes. Paneldes layer class groups are detailed below.

The layers you wish to use are listed in a file named LAYER.DBF. The file contains the details needed to create a layer and link it to a Paneldes layer class. Any layer linked to a Paneldes layer class will cause all components constructed, which are of that layer class, to be placed on the linked layer.

You may create layers, which are not linked to a Paneldes layer CLASS, with LAYER.DBF.

Paneldes will create any layers (not currently in existence on your drawing) listed in LAYER.DBF at start-up.

The layers that you require in your model will all be present when you start construction.

Layer Classes

Layer ClassPaneldes classes (CAPS) / or other construction.
RoutesAll route lines.
Construction3D envelope construction for ROUTE's (e.g. DUCT, CABTRAY, CONDUIT).
ExtrasEXTRAS (invisible accessories).
BorderBorder insertion layer.
RoutedisplayLayer "routedisp"; for viewing cable/wire routes
Routes_DimsDimensions for route lines
Panel_Frame_DimsDimensions for panel frames
Mounting_plate_dimsDimensions for mounting plates
Device_DimsDimensions for devices
Accessory_DimsDimensions for accessories
Screw_DimsDimensions for screws
Construction_dimsDimensions for construction
Extras_dimsDimensions for extras
Areas_DimsDimensions for areas
Terminals_DimsDimensions for terminals
Routes_Blocks3D blocks for routes
Panel_Frame_Blocks3D blocks for panel frames
Mounting_Plate_Blocks3D blocks for mounting plates
Device_Blocks3D blocks for devices
Accessory_Blocks3D blocks for accessories
Screw_Blocks3D blocks for screws
Construction_Blocks3D blocks for construction
Extras_Blocks3D blocks for extras
Areas_Blocks3D blocks for areas
Terminals_Blocks3D blocks for terminals
VportsView ports
TextImportText Importing
ScrewCentresDimensions for screw centres
CentresDimensions for centres of all other components

Modification of Layer Settings

You may modify the layers available in your drawing and their links to Paneldes CLASSES by editing the file LAYER.DBF with a database editor such as Dbedit. This file may be found in the main Paneldes directory.

Note: You must edit the layer.dbf file before you start Paneldes. Changes in this file are only recognised at Paneldes start up.

A editing session on LAYER.DBF will appear as follows:

  • DESC names the layer class.

  • NAME assigns a layer name to the layer class. You may place any name you wish in this column. This will be the layer name AutoCAD will give to a layer created.

  • COLOUR names the layer color.

  • VISIBLE sets the layer visibility ON or OFF at start up.

  • FROZEN sets if the layer is frozen ON or OFF at start up.

  • LAYERTYPE sets the layer type. The values in this column are not used except for layers associated with a specific power factor. For layers of this type the value indicates if it is for route lines (ROUTE) or route envelope lines (CONST).

  • POWER specifies the power factor for the layer.

  • CURRENT selects one layer as the current layer at start up.

  • CABLECOLOR names the color to use for drawing viewed cables with this power number when the option Use power-based colours is enabled.

  • TRANSPRNCY specifies the transparency level for the layer, as a percentage value between 0 and 90, where 0 (or blank) is fully opaque, and 90 is almost completely transparent (AutoCAD does not support transparencies above 90%).