Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Installing Updates


Elecdes Design Suite is constantly undergoing changes and improvements. Between DVD releases, updates to EDS will be made available via updates downloaded from the SCADA Systems Ltd website.

Updates are packaged as self-extracting, self-installing compressed executable (.exe) files.

They will have file names similar to EDS8.1.0.2.exe. The number in the file name usually indicates the version number.


EDS updates do not contain the entire EDS product.

You must have an existing EDS installation that you wish to update. If you have removed your installation, or are installing a new installation, then you must first install EDS from the DVD, or from the full installer downloaded from the internet.


  1. Ensure all modules of EDS are not running.

  2. Run the packaged update program.

    The files for the update installer will be extracted into a temporary folder, as specified by your operating system.

    Once the files have been extracted, the update installation program, Install, will be run automatically.

  3. Install will search your local hard disk drives for your existing EDS installation.

    If you cancel the search, the installer will proceed to the next step.

    If the installer does not find an installation, for example if the "existing" installation is on a network drive, then the installer will proceed to the next step.

  4. When the installer finds a suitable installation, you will be asked to confirm the installation is the one that you wish to update.

    The message in the question will display the EDS version of that found installation.

  5. The installation directory and language choice dialog will be displayed.

    If you cancelled the search, or the installer did not find an existing installation, then you must type in the full path to the installation, for example D:\EDS80, or click the Browse button and choose the location of the installation that is to be updated.

    The installation dialog will show the version of EDS currently installed in the specified directory.

    You can change language if required.

    You may Cancel the update installation at this point without modifying your existing installation.

  6. Click the Install button.

  7. You will be asked to choose if certain "special" files will be overwritten during the update. These "special" files are offered as they are likely to contain your customisation for the previous version. If you do not want to overwrite some of these files, de-select them. Click OK when you have selected only the files to be overwritten.

  8. The installer will merge any DBF files that have been customised with the newer versions being installed. See Updating Existing DBF Files.

  9. Certain files will be deleted. Generally these are the compiled menu files from AutoCAD. If the update includes a new CAD menu file, then this step is required to ensure that AutoCAD will compile the newly supplied menu file.

  10. New files will be copied from the update to your EDS directory.

  11. If you were running any of the EDS modules, for example Elecdes, then Install will be unable to install some of the files. Close the module and then click Retry to install the file in question.

  12. Install will automatically run Setup. Setup is a program used to modify the configuration of EDS, not to install.

  13. Click OK on the Setup screen.

  14. The temporary directory created by the self-extraction will be removed.

    At this point the update installer has finished.

  15. Save the packaged update program somewhere safe so that you can install it again if you are re-installing EDS at a future date.