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Elecdes Menus

Elecdes functions are accessible via the Elecdes menu and the Elecdes toolbars.

For AutoCAD users, the menu and toolbars are defined within an AutoCAD format menu SCADA.MNU and SCADA.CUI (for AutoCAD 2006 or later).

For FelixCAD users, the toolbars are defined within FelixCAD format palette files, *.mnp and the pull down menu is defined within Elecdes.mnu.

The standard menu supplied is detailed below. The menu structure is open for user modification. This can be done with standard text editing tools such as Notepad.exe. The menu files can be found within the Elecdes support directories.

The Elecdes pull down menu, displayed above, contains the following items. These items are used for displaying other menus, displaying toolbars and for executing Elecdes functions. Click on the options below to display detailed descriptions.

Help on Elecdes


Drawing Macros


15mm or 1/2in Spaced Symbols

Cross Reference


Wire and Cable

2D Panel layout components


Cross Reference Preferences

Edit and Reload Naming Sequence

Create/Edit Multi-Terminal Devices

Prototype Drawing Editor

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram Audit

Wiring Diagram Clear Audit

Import BOM/Cross Reference Tables

Ebase Reporting Module


Menus can be accessed from the ELECDES PULL DOWN MENU area of AutoCAD or with the right mouse button.


Right Button Menus

The Elecdes RIGHT BUTTON menu is also found in the MNU file. The right button menu is titled **ELECDESRIGHTMENU in the MNU file. It normally contains a subset of the commonly used functions found on the Elecdes pull down menu.

For GSTARCAD the MNU file entries for the Elecdes RIGHT BUTTON menu are now loaded to a DBF file named ELECDESMENU.DBF. The Elecdes system will create a RIGHT BUTTON menu at load time with this information. To the user, the right button menus of GSTARCAD and AutoCAD should appear to be identical.

ELECDESMENU.DBF has 3 columns for each menu entry; an ID column which contains an identifier used by the program, a MENUITEM column for the "display text" and a COMMAND column which contains the CAD command line for that function. You do not need to add carriage returns or ";" to this command.


Elecdes Workspace

When run on AutoCAD 2007 and later, Elecdes will create a workspace when first started. The initial configuration of menu visibility, toolbars and ribbon for Elecdes will be saved into this workspace. If you make changes to your AutoCAD screen layout and cannot find how to retreive a menu or toolbar, you can restore the initial configuration by reloading the Elecdes workspace. You can make changes to your AutoCAD screen layout and update the Elecdes workspace by saving the layout to it.

Missing Workspace, Ribbon or Menus

If for some reason your Elecdes workspace is missing or becomes broken, you can run the command MAKEEDSWORKSPACE in Elecdes to delete and recreate the Elecdes workspace.

Check that the file EDS.CUIX file is present in the "ELECDES" folder that is configured in EDS Setup.

You can erase and recreate all of the EDS configuration for the CAD package (including profile and workspace) if you click Reset profiles... on the main page of Setup.

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