Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Update the Data for Components


The update function enables the user to alter multiple attributes of multiple blocks, which can exist on multiple drawings, with one operation.

The update function runs the Ebase Global Editor to edit and re-write the data to the drawings. In the Elecdes drawings session, the update function provides the method of selecting blocks from the current drawing that you wish to edit.

Please also review the Global Editor help for more information.

Copying circuits

Use the Update function within Elecdes to assist in making copies of similar circuits on the same drawing.

For example: After drawing a single motor circuit, copy the circuit multiple times and use the Update function to modify the component names for each copy.

Procedure to update multiple components on the current drawing:

  1. Select Global Update of ATTRIBS from the Elecdes > Utility menu.

  2. You will be asked to select the components that you wish to update. You may select with a window, crossing box, Picking individual devices or any other method.

  3. Then press <ENTER>.

  4. Elecdes will run the Global Editor allowing you to edit the selected components.

  5. When you exit the Global Editor, the function will ask you to confirm that you want to write the changes back to the drawing. Click Yes to modify your drawing. If you click No the changes will be discarded.

  6. The data is modified in a copy of the drawing and then the updated drawing is re-opened.

Procedure to update multiple components from all of the drawings in the current project:

During this operation you will extract all of the blocks and attributes of all of the drawings in your project into database format. You may then edit the database files to make changes to the attributes of your components. You must then transfer the data back into the drawing files from which it was extracted.

Global Editing modifies the drawing files outside of the CAD package. You must save and close all drawings.

  1. Close any drawings that are included in the current project. They cannot be modified if they are open in the CAD package.

  2. Start Ebase, either from Elecdes or by using the Ebase icon from the Elecdes Design Suite group in the Windows Start menu.

  3. Select Global Edit DBF's from the Ebase dialog. This will run the Global Editor, allowing you to edit any component from any drawing in the project.

  4. Re-open the drawing with Elecdes.