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How to Change the Layer that Symbols are Inserted upon

Symbol Layer

You can specify which AutoCAD layer Elecdes will use when inserting symbols. You can also specify that you wish to use the current layer.


  1. Choose Preferences from the Elecdes Menu. You will be presented with the Elecdes Preferences Dialog.

  2. Go to the General tab page

  3. You will see the Symbol Layer Group shown below

    • Choose the layer you wish to use for symbols in the layer drop down list. You can type in a name for the layer or pick it from the list, which will contain all of the layers in the current drawing file. The default layer for symbol insertion is 2.

    • If you do not wish to insert your symbols on a fixed layer, then you should clear the Use the Chosen Layer for Symbols tick-box and Elecdes will use the current layer during the insertion of symbols.

    • Note that if you change the symbol layer, then existing symbols will remain on the layer they were inserted upon.