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How to Set a Working Directory for a Project


The drawing files for a project are not required to be stored in the same directory as the project file, they may be instead in a "working directory". Different projects may contain drawings from different working directories. In this case you may wish to set the working directory specifically for the project so that whenever you load the project the EDS working directory will be changed automatically.

Relationship to the Working Directory in EDS Setup

If you do not set a working directory for the project then the working directory from EDS Setup will be used.

When you set a working directory for a project or load a project with a project working directory, this action will change the working directory setting in EDS Setup.


  1. You can click on the Project working directory button to choose the directory from the standard Windows "Browse for folder" dialog. The choice will start at the directory that contains the project file.

  2. You can manually enter or paste the directory path directly into the box.

  3. You can remove the working directory setting for the project by erasing the directory name from the box.