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How to Reload Database Data to Drawings


Use this function to transfer edited data from the database IMAGE files, back to the drawing files in your project. Refer to Create Database Image Files help for the list of IMAGE files this function processes.

Note that this function is only available if you have ticked manual image update on the Setup Preferences page.


The ability to globally edit large amounts of data across many sheets of a project is a powerful tool. You must exercise caution when using this process to avoid data consistency problems.

  • After globally editing project circuit data, ensure you promptly transfer new data back to your drawings.

  • Deny access to the drawings whilst editing IMAGE files. The drawing files should be your master database. While you are editing IMAGE files the drawing files are not locked and other persons working concurrently on the drawings could lose their data.

  • DWG drawing handles are used to match database information to drawing information. You should not change the HANDLE field when editing the data.

  • The HANDLE field is not editable in the Global Editor.

  • Database Editor can edit any field, so caution must be exercised when using this method.

Font Justification

The only font justifications Ebase is capable of re-justifying in a DWG format file are:

  • Left justification

  • Right justification

  • Centre justification

Other justifications can be used in your drawings as long as they are NOT used for Elecdes symbol attributes [ e.g. Fit, middle, top centre etc.]


  1. Save and close all database image files.

  2. Ensure none of the drawings in your project are open in the CAD package, as changes cannot be written back to drawings that are open.

  3. Press the "DBF -> DWGs" button.

  4. As each drawing file in the project is processed a message will appear showing the drawing name and the size of the drawing file. Ebase caches unmodified drawings for speed. If drawings do not appear to be scanned, on successive report generations, it is because they are cached.

    During cache scans there is a possibility that the database engine will be busy. You will be displayed a message indicating this and given options to wait or cancel.

Your projects drawing files will be updated with the database image files data in the current project directory.


  • Drawing file format: Cannot load/write Drawing File abc.dwg. This error can occur if a drawing is incompatible with Ebase.

    The drawing must be a supported DWG format.

  • Drawing file saving: Cannot save/write Drawing File abc.dwg. This error can occur if a drawing is operating system locked by your CAD package. This message occurs when you attempt to modify a drawing with Ebase / Global Editor and the drawing is currently open for editing within a CAD session. You must close all drawings, that are included in your Ebase project, that are open in the CAD session before writing global editor changes to the drawings with Ebase. If your CAD session has recently crashed, drawing locks may be residual on your drawing files. Try opening the offending drawings, with your CAD package, and re-saving.