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How to Back Annotate the Paneldes Wire Order


Paneldes Wire Optimisation will determine, from a panel model, the optimum order in which the terminals of a wire should be connected to minimise the length of wire required. The results of this procedure are temporary. Future re-generation of the wire schedule will erase and re-create the report, which will erase the results of the Paneldes wire optimisation.

Ebase can back annotate the results of the Paneldes wire optimisation to the schematic drawings. The wire termination order is written to termination blocks (CONX). Termination blocks and manually setting the wire termination order are described in How to Change Wire Termination Ordering.

Back Annotating the Paneldes Wire Order

Back annotation of the Paneldes wire termination order is described in How to Optimise the Termination Order for Wires.

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