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How to Specify Which Symbols are Classified as Normally Closed Contacts


You can specify which symbols Elecdes should classify as normally closed contacts when generating N/O N/C tables. References to these symbols will be placed on the NC side of the NO/NC table. References to all other symbols will be placed on the NO side of the NO/NC table.


  1. Go to the Symbols tab page.

  2. The page contains a list of symbols on the left that are classified as normally closed contacts: NC Contact Symbols.

    The list will be enabled only when the NO/NC Table tick box on the Options tab page is ticked.

    • You can add and remove symbols from this list by using the three buttons provided.

    • To add a symbol to the list, type in the name of the symbol without the first two characters and without the DWG extension and click the Add button.

    • An alternative way to add a symbol to the list is to select the symbol file. Click the Browse button and pick the symbol you want. This is the recommended method as it removes the first two characters for you automatically.

    • To remove a symbol from the list, select it and click the Remove button.