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How to Modify the Current Database Fields


Use this function to modify the field structure of the database: add fields, delete fields, change field names, field widths and the field order.


  1. Select Modify Database Structure from the Context Menu or Edit Menu. The Modify Database Structure dialog box will be displayed.

    • To modify the width of an existing field(s) select the field(s) you wish to modify in the Field List and change the field width in the Field Width edit box. The maximum field width allowed is 255 characters.

    • To create a new field click the Add Field button. The Add New Field dialog box will appear. Enter the name for the new field into the Name edit box and the width of the field in characters into the Width edit box. You must type a field name that is not already present in the database. The field name can be a maximum of 10 characters.

    • To change the name of an existing field click on it in the Field List and click the Rename Field button. Type the new name and/or new width into the Rename Existing Field dialog box.

    • To remove a field(s) from the database select the field(s) in the Field List and click the Delete Field button.