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How to Guide Cables with the same Waypoints used by another Cable

For any cable, you can specify that it must pass through waypoints along its route. A waypoint is a raceway segment that should be used to help route a cable. Once you have defined the waypoints for a cable, the auto router function will attempt to find the shortest route for the cable that also passes through the specified waypoints, in order.

Cable scheduler provides the ability to specify waypoints for cables by simply using the same waypoints that you have used for another cable, as shown below:

Prior to commencing this procedure you must have created a partial raceway group to guide the first cable and then routed that cable successfully.


  1. Navigate to the cables folders from the top level components folder.

  2. Highlight the cables to be guided.

  3. Right click on the cables to guide (in the tree, or cable list view).

  4. Select Copy waypoints of another cable... from the context menu.

  5. Select the desired cable from the resulting list of routed cables and click OK.

  6. Once you have chosen a cable, press OK to save the new route information.

  7. Run the auto router on the cable(s) to generate a new route that passes through the specified waypoints (copied from the chosen cable).

The Auto Router

Running the Auto Router

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The "same waypoints" is one of three cable route "copy" functions. You can also copy a cables route "exactly" OR you can copy a cables "Home Run" which is an operation that uses the COMPLETE route of a cable (as opposed to a few waypoints) to guide the new cable.

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