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Folder Settings

The folders appearing in the Cable Scheduler tree have an associated configuration record in the "Folder Settings" table in the project database. This record specifies the naming (tagname) configuration for the items that the folders contain.

Tagname Configuration, <XTAG>

The text used to name each component in the tree in Cable Scheduler is determined by the tagname formula for the folder in which the component appears. The tagname formula contains the sequence of database columns and delimiters used to create the desired tagname for items in the folder. The tagname formula is independently configurable for each folder. This formula can be set using the Tagname Formula Configuration Tool, which is available from the pop-up menu, or by editing the formula directly in the Folder Settings Editor.

A special relational-column alias exists to use the tagname formula: <XTAG>. The XTAG relational-column alias is not stored in the relational-column alias table. Cable Scheduler will recognise this alias and refer to the folder settings table where this tagname configuration is stored.

Tagname Formula Configuration Tool

  1. Right click on the folder for which you wish to change the tagname formula.

  2. Select "Set Tag Formula" from the pop-up menu.

  3. The Tagname Formula Configuration dialog will be displayed.

    The columns and delimiters that will make up the tagname are shown in the left list: Tagname Components.

    The columns that are available to make up the tagname are shown in the right list: Database Columns.

    • To add a delimiter, enter the delimiter text in the "Insert Other" edit box and click the [Delimiter] button.

    • To add a column from the database, select the column from the right list and click the [<] button.

    • To add a relational-column from the database, select "Relational Columns" in the drop-down list at the top of the "Database Columns" list, then select the relational-column alias from the right list and click the [<] button.

    • To create a new column for use in the tagname, enter the new column name in the "Insert Other" edit box and click the [New Column] button.

    • Columns and delimiters can be removed from the tagname configuration by selecting the item in the left list and clicking the [>] button.

    • To rearrange the columns and delimiters, select the item to be moved in the left list and click the up or down buttons, which are positioned to the left of the Tagname Components list.

    • Columns in the tagname must be separated by a delimiter item. If they are not a warning will be displayed when the [OK] button is clicked.

Folder Settings Editor

The default template associations, the tagname formula and the name sequence block can be edited directly using the Folder Settings Editor. The Folder Settings Editor is a row column editor that allows you to directly modify the contents of the "Folder Settings" table in the project database. In the editor it is possible to copy and paste naming and template configurations between the folders.

To start the Folder Settings Editor, select the "Folder Settings Editor" from the "Tools" menu in Cable Scheduler.

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