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Protogen: Drawing Cloning Tool


Protogen is a tool which can quickly clone many similar drawings from a prototype drawing and a database.


  • Drawing. File created with a CAD package. Protogen drawings must be AutoCAD DWG file format.

  • Prototype drawing / template drawing - Drawing created by the user from which other drawings will be cloned.

  • Clone drawing. - Drawing created by Protogen from a prototype drawing and database.

  • Protogen database. - Database containing the textual data to place on each cloned drawing.

  • Formula. - Special text "link" in a prototype drawing that will be replaced by text from a Protogen database.

Getting Started

Are you ready to use Protogen?..

Getting Started

A Guide to Using Protogen

For a description of the steps used to produce drawings with Protogen press...

A guide to using Protogen.

Protogen Exercise

A simple Protogen exercise

How to...

Understand a Prototype / Protogen template.

Understand a Protogen database.

Create a Protogen database with Protoedit.

Create a Protogen database manually.

Create a Protogen database from existing templates/ prototypes.

Link templates to a database with Protoedit.

Link templates to a database manually.

Populate the database and special fields.

Create a Protogen Relational System / Sub Databases

Use anchor points to locate graphics and subcircuits within circuits.

Merge Elecdes Catalog data within circuits.

Use Incrementing data within circuits.

Create/Update clone drawings.

Update databases from clone drawings.

Run Protogen in automatic batch mode.


Editing database files in general; New files; Changing file structure.

Protoedit Description.

Navigating between relational DBFs.

Choosing Clone and Anchor for Sub Databases.

Choosing Prototypes / Templates.

Choosing Sub Databases for Anchors.

Choosing Catalog Data.

Use of AutoCAD's "Paperspace" and Protogen.

Changing folders / Linking to Ebase