Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Placement Keyboard Shortcuts

Movement Keys

The keys described below will move the component along the appropriate axis by the current snap size:

XMove the component along the X-axis of the UCS.
YMove the component along the Y-axis of the UCS.
ZMove the component along the Z-axis of the UCS.

Orientation Keys

The keys described below will rotate the component about the appropriate axis by 5 degrees if ORTHO is OFF and 90 degrees if ORTHO is ON:

ARotate around the X- axis of the UCS.
SRotate around the Y- axis of the UCS.
DRotate around the Z- axis of the UCS.
SHIFTSwitches the direction of movement and rotation keys.
ECycles though the connectable ends when placing a route segment.
RReset all rotations and offsets to zero.