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Enclosures and Mounting Plates


The two most critical parts of the panel model are the enclosures and the mounting plates. Panel models are comprised of a panel frame and mounting plates representing the sides. Extra mounting plates can be attached to any panel enclosure.

These parts of the model are important because:

  • These are the structural items to which you can attach components. If these are not present or are the wrong sizes, you will not effectively be able to continue modelling.

You should research the enclosure and mounting plate sizes required in your model before starting construction. If you are making a multi enclosure model (e.g. a control room) you should also work out your floor plan etc. Minor editing is always possible at later stages, but a foundation of design information will greatly assist.

You may place several panels on the same model or use enclosures in a cubicle arrangement. You can model a substation, control room or similar structure containing multiple panels and devices in a single panel model.

You can choose to GROUP all PLATES on PANEL components - Paneldes will make an "AutoCAD group" when the PANELS and PLATES are inserted and this will simplify selecting these items during later editing. The default action is to group these items.