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How to Override the Length of a Raceway Segment

Fixed Length raceway segments

The length of a routed conductor is primarily the sum of the length of each raceway segment through which the conductor is routed. The length of a raceway segment is normally calculated from its dimensions – the drawing contains a scale model of the raceway segment.

You can override the calculation of the length of a segment and specify the length to be used whenever a conductor is routed through the segment. Raceway segments can be assigned a Fixed Length.

A fixed length is assigned in the AUX6 attribute of the raceway segment. The AUX6 attribute should contain the text "FIXEDLENGTH : 0m", where the "0m" is replaced by the desired length for the raceway segment.

Zero length virtual raceway

The length can be set to zero (0m or 0'). If this is the case, then the length of a conductor passing through such a segment will be unchanged by that segment. This can be combined with virtual raceway to provide a completely virtual path for a conductor that does not affect the conductor length, the purchasing list or the plotted drawing.


  1. Using the Global Editor, set the AUX6 attribute of an existing raceway segment to the text "FIXEDLENGTH:", followed by the desired length for that segment.


  1. You can enter the text "FIXEDLENGTH:", followed by the desired length, into the AUX6 attribute when placing a new raceway segment during the standard procedure for placing a raceway segment.

Example: Setting the AUX6 attribute to "FIXEDLENGTH : 1.24m" indicates to Paneldes that a conductor requires 1.24m to traverse this raceway segment, regardless of its dimensions in the model.

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