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How to Insert 3D Blocks


Paneldes allows you to have a 3D block representation of your component. This block is inserted with the Paneldes component. You may have a 3D block representation for Panels, Devices, Accessories, Terminals and Areas. By default, Paneldes includes a label block when no 3D block has been specified. You can disable this behaviour, if you wish, by changing it in the Paneldes Preferences.

The 3D block can contain any of the Paneldes component attributes. For example, the label block has a TAGNAME attribute, which is set when you insert a component. This allows it to function as a label block. You can create your own 3D blocks.

The 3D blocks you use should be stored in the MET_PNL_BLOCKS and IMP_PNL_BLOCKS directory inside your EDS directory.


  • To use 3D blocks you need to fill in the BLOCK3D field, with the name of the block file, when placing your components. You can do this in the catalog or manually each time you place an item.

  • You can also use Global Editor to add or change 3D blocks for existing components.

See Also

See the Paneldes Preferences for 3D Block settings.