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How to Generate, View and Print Output Diagrams

Diagram Generation, Viewing and Printing

To generate an output diagram, right click the diagram to be generated and choose Generate from the pop up menu. Printing and viewing of output diagrams is done in a similar fashion, using the Print and View menu items respectively.

When a diagram is to be printed, it is re-generated immediately before printing. This ensures that the printed diagrams are current.

Data sheets will be printed using the printer currently configured in Microsoft Excel for the appropriate data sheet template. To change the printer configuration, edit the data sheet templates.

Loop diagrams, hook-up diagrams, and terminal strip and wiring diagrams are printed using the EDS Batch Printer module.

Output diagrams are viewed using the native editor for the file type of the diagram: Excel for datasheets and a CAD package for drawings. When a diagram is viewed the current file is opened. The diagrams are not regenerated before being viewed, unless the output diagram file does not yet exist.

Re-generating Output Diagrams

You can ensure that all of the output diagrams for a project are up to date in one operation.

  1. Select Re-generate output diagrams from the Instrument Manager file menu.

  2. If any diagrams are found to be out-of-date, Instrument Manager will display their file names in a list.

  3. Select the diagrams that you want to be re-generated and click OK.

Instrument Manager generates a checksum for the components on each diagram and for the diagram record itself to check for changes. The checksum is generated from the tag and ratings record for each component on the diagram.

If you have linked components from a P&ID database then only the data that is imported into Instrument Manager can be checked for change. Data shown on output diagrams that is fetched directly from the linked P&ID database via R2 links cannot be checked for change. If you want Instrument Manager diagram re-generation to detect change in a particular value in the P&ID database then you must configure the import map file for P&ID Linking to import that value into the Instrument Manager database, potentially into the ratings of the Instrument Manager instance of the component.

Generating Terminal Strip and Wiring Diagrams

Generation of terminal strip and wiring diagrams uses the EDS Wiring Diagram Generator (Wirediag) that runs inside an Elecdes drawing session in the CAD package.

  1. The procedure is started from inside Instrument Manager by choosing Generate from the pop-up menu, as described above.

  2. Instrument Manager will start the CAD package and Wirediag, if they are not already running.

  3. Wirediag will load only the terminal strips and/or devices specifically assigned to the diagram in the Instrument Manager database.

  4. You may use the Wiring Diagram Generator to change the layout and appearance for the diagram.

  5. Click Create Wiring Diagram to draw the diagram.

  6. Save the drawing from the CAD package.

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