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Panel Symbols


Panel symbols are specially named single line device symbols.

Elecdes does not require or provide any special handling of panel symbols beyond that already provided for electrical device symbols.

Panel symbols represent panels, junction boxes, cubicles, cabinets or other enclosures for use in constructing one line power diagrams, or single line diagrams.

Panel symbols provide no detail of the components contained within the enclosure.

Symbol File names

The file/block names for all panel symbols begin with a prefix of 'hiPanel' or 'viPanel'.

e.g. "VIPANEL0401.dwg" or "HIPANEL0802.dwg".

Normally the 'i' in the block name would identify the symbol as a device symbol, however Elecdes recognises 'iPanel' in the name and treats the symbol differently for some operations.

Elecdes Symbol Naming Conventions


The files for panel symbols are all found in the same directory as single line device symbols:

  • Panel symbols: <EDS >\IMP_SLIN and <EDS >\MET_SLIN (for metric users)

Location on the Menu

The icon menu for panel symbols can be found on the Elecdes > Symbols menu.

Insertion Procedure

How to insert symbols

Attributes of Panel Symbols

For a list of attributes see Attributes of Symbols.

Customisation of Panel Symbols

For information about adding and customising panel symbols and their menu entries see Symbol Modification.