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How to Preset a Symbol Attribute from the Menu

Preset attributes

You can supply a preset value for an attribute of a symbol. This value will be set automatically for the attribute during the symbol insertion procedure. You can change the value on the symbol insertion dialog; it is not a fixed value - It is simply your "user defined" suggested value.

For more information about inserting symbols see How to Insert Symbols.

Example for using preset attributes effectively

Elecdes MTD symbols are often used to represent complex relay or metering devices. The symbol is commonly specific to a particular part listed in the catalog. By presetting both the MFG and CATNO you will cause the attributes on the catalog page of the symbol insert dialog to default to the correct specification for that relay.

Location of preset attributes in menu entries

Many of the Elecdes menu functions have spare parameters following the required parameter list. Most functions can take up to ten parameters, however most functions do not use all of these.

Preset attribute values can be placed into any spare parameters.

For example, the sinsatt function, which is used to insert most device and terminal symbols, uses only eight of its parameters leaving two spares.

Preset attribute format

Preset attributes in the menu should be formatted in one parameter column / value as follows:


  • The quotation marks are required.

  • ATTNAME is the name of the attribute.

  • ATTVALUE is the preset value that you want to use for that attribute.

Preset attribute example

The following is the standard menu entry for a diode from the miscellaneous symbols icon menu:

 scada3(hidiode) sinsatt "idiode" "diode" 10 0 1 "rav" "c14" "u" 0 0

To preset both the MFG and CATNO attributes, this menu entry would be modified as follows:

 scada3(hidiode) sinsatt "idiode" "diode" 10 0 1 "rav" "c14" "u" "MFG=37" "CATNO=D123"

When that icon menu entry is chosen to insert a diode symbol, the MFG attribute will always be preset to "37" and the CATNO attribute will always be preset to "D123". If those are not the required values at any time, you could simply overtype them with different values during insertion, or you can select a different specification from the catalog.

Preset attribute in a symbol

It is also possible to preset attributes within a symbol. How to Preset a Symbol Attribute in the Symbol

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