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Show the Wires on Only the Left or the Right Side

You can draw terminal strip diagrams showing the conductors on only one side of the diagram. A wiring diagram for a panel can therefore be drawn to show only the wires that are part of the panel and not the cables connected to other equipment.

By default cables and wires on both sides of the terminal strip will be drawn.


  1. Open the T-Strip Edit dialog of the Wiring Diagram Generator and select the terminal strip that you want to edit.

  2. The wires and cables on the left side of the strip will only be drawn if [Show L] is ticked.

  3. The wires and cables on the right side of the strip will only be drawn if [Show R] is ticked.

  4. To prevent the wires being drawn on one side of the terminal strip, clear the tick from the appropriate box.

NOTE: If the diagram is regenerated for this terminal strip then the wires and cables will retain the adjusted settings for the terminal strip.