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How to Select a Terminal Strip for Editing

Terminal strips are edited on the T-Strip Edit dialog of the Wiring Diagram Generator.

You can edit one strip at a time. The terminal strip drop-down list enables you to select the strip to edit.

The list will contain all of the terminal strips that you can currently select on the Main dialog. If you have chosen to view only the devices and terminal strips from a single panel, then only the terminal strips from that panel will be available on the T-Strip Edit dialog. Re. Select Devices.

When you have finished editing terminal strips, you must return to the Main dialog to select the strips that you want to draw.


  1. Open the T-Strip Edit dialog of the Wiring Diagram Generator.

  2. Click in the drop-down list at the top left of the T-Strip edit dialog box.

  3. The list on the left of the dialog box will be filled with the numbers of the terminals of the chosen strip. This is a multi-selection list. You can edit one or more terminals at one time.