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How to Add and Delete Spare Terminals to a Terminal Strip

If spare terminals are not included in your schematic or loop drawings, you can add them to the terminal strip diagram to show the complete terminal strip.


  1. Open the T-Strip Edit dialog of the Wiring Diagram Generator and select the terminal strip that you want to edit.

  2. Select the place in the terminal strip where you want to insert the spare terminals. You can skip this step if you will be appending the spares to the end of the terminal strip.

  3. Enter the name or number of the first spare terminal and (optionally, if you need more than one) of the last spare terminal in the edit boxes.

  4. The range of spare terminals from the first to the last spare may include terminals that already exist in the terminal strip. You will be warned if there are duplicated terminals. The function will skip any terminal numbers that already exist.

    If your terminals are named without an obvious NUMERIC sequence (e.g. AA - AZ) then it is possible to enter a numeric second value and that will act as a counter rather than the final value of the terminal. For example. First value = AA , Last value = 5 then the terminals would be AA, AB, AC, AD, AE.

    If you do not enter a second value then a SINGLE terminal only will be added.

  5. Choose the catalog specification for the terminals that will be added to the strip. You can choose from either a type of discrete terminal, click [Choose Terminal Spec], or a type of device that mounts in a strip, click [Choose Device Spec].

  6. To append the spare terminals to the end of the strip, click the [Append to Strip] button.

  7. To insert the spare terminals from the currently selected terminal, click the [Insert at Cursor] button.

    If the function encounters a terminal number that already exists it will be skipped and the addition of new terminals will continue after the existing terminal.

  8. To delete spare terminals, select one or more spare terminals in the terminal list on the left of the T-Strip Edit dialog and click on the [Delete Spares] button.