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How to Refresh Wiring Diagrams: WDE or WDEFSC

Wiring diagrams and terminal strips can be updated to show new schematic information without displaying the main window of the Wiring Diagram Generator. If you do not wish to change the layout or configuration of the diagrams then this procedure offers a faster method to update the diagrams.

The WDE function offers to update all wiring diagram drawings from the current project, not just the currently open drawing.

A wiring diagram or terminal strip is considered to exist only if the tag block (wdTag) or the main graphic block (wdBox, wdCirc or template graphic block) is found. For further information about the blocks used in wiring diagrams and terminal strips see Wiring Diagram Symbols and Attributes.


  1. If the wiring diagram or terminal strip drawings that you wish to update are not part of your Ebase project, open the drawings in Elecdes before running WDE.

  2. Enter "WDE" on the CAD package command line.


    Select "Refresh Wiring Diagrams and Terminal Strips" on the Elecdes pull down menu.

    If the lists of devices, terminals, wires and cable cores (conductors) are not up to date you will be asked if you wish to have these lists automatically updated. See Sources of information for Wiring Diagrams.

    The Wiring Diagram function will read information from the current Ebase project.

  3. A list will be displayed containing the drawings in your project that contain wiring diagrams or terminal strips and any drawings currently open in Elecdes.

    The drawings that are currently open in Elecdes will be selected in the list by default. Other wiring diagram or terminal strip drawings from your project will not be selected by default.

  4. Select the drawings from the list that you want to update and click [OK].

  5. Each of the drawings from the list that were selected will be opened into Elecdes and all existing wiring diagrams and terminal strips on that drawing will be updated.

  6. The updated drawings will be saved and closed automatically at the end of the procedure.

NOTE: Wirediag for FelixCAD will not offer a list of drawings. Instead it will update only the current drawing.

Refresh only the single current drawing

The WDE procedure described above makes use of a separate procedure to update a single drawing open in Elecdes. You can run this other procedure directly to update one drawing.

  1. Open in Elecdes the drawing that you wish to update.

  2. Enter "WDEFSC" on the CAD package command line.

  3. All existing wiring diagrams and terminal strips on that drawing will be updated.

Position of modular components

If a wiring diagram for a device contains blocks for modular components, you can move the modular component blocks once the diagram is drawn. Future refreshing of the diagram will retain your chosen position for the modular component blocks.

Wirediag destination reference

If your wiring diagram annotation includes the "Wirediag Destination Reference", which is a reference between two wiring diagrams or terminal strips, a placeholder will be used in place of the reference when the first of a pair of diagrams is created but the second has not and therefore cannot be found for a reference. The placeholder appears as the text "[WDXRF: ...]". After you have created all of your wiring diagrams and terminal strips, refresh the diagrams with "WDE" to replace the placeholders with references to the diagrams that now exist.

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