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How to Reduce Wiring Diagrams to Placeholders: WDP

Existing wiring diagrams and terminal strips can be reduced to placeholders: Wiring Diagram anchor blocks. When a diagram is reduced to a placeholder it can be copied and modified to position the diagram for a different device or terminal strip.

When a terminal strip is reduced to placeholders, the list of terminals and each terminal's type is saved in one or more MODC_TAGS_n attributes. This ensures that split or rearranged terminal strips can be regenerated with the same list of terminals.

When regenerating the diagram, if the strip contains more terminals than are listed in all of the anchor blocks for that terminal strip on the wiring diagram drawing, then the new terminals will be added to the end of the last split part of the terminal strip.

If a wiring diagram or terminal strip with diagram-specific preferences (in a wdPrefs block) is reduced to placeholders, then the preferences previously stored in the attributes of the preferences block are copied to matching attributes in the anchor block. The preferences block will be erased.

For a wiring diagram for a device that has modular component blocks, the position of each modular component is recorded in the MODC_TAGS_n attributes. This ensures that individual modular component blocks can be regenerated in the same positions if they have been moved around on the drawing.

Template choices for wiring diagrams for devices are recorded in the anchor blocks. This ensures that the correct template is re-inserted when the diagram is regenerated.


  1. Open the drawing that contains the wiring diagrams in the drawing session. (Each drawing must be processed individually by repeating this procedure.)

  2. Enter "WDP" on the CAD package command line.

  3. All of the wiring diagrams and terminal strips on the drawing will be removed and replaced by anchor blocks (WD_ANCHOR).

  4. If you wish to process other drawings, open each drawing in turn and repeat the procedure.

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